KLS Support UK - Helping families affected by Kleine-Levin Syndrome

KLS Support UK would like to thank everyone for their support and donations.


Monaco or Bust

Four pals from Falkirk completed their own Monte Carlo rally adventure to raise awareness and raised £1,112.00

Jog'on Buddy has run in various events to raise money for KLS Support UK.

The Chester Marathon
The Chester Marathon
Jog'on Buddy does Cheshire

Ceredigion Coastal Cruise



The Renouf family have taken part in various events and challenges to raise money for KLS Support UK.

Helen's 10k run

Alanna Wong raised £85.00 for KLS Support UK with her 2012 KLS Calendar.

Alanna's Calendar

Stacey Comerford, our first fundraiser raised money by taking part in a local fun run at Telford Town Park.

Stacey our First Fundraiser

If you would like to raise funds please take a look at the rest of our Fundraising section for