KLS Support UK - Helping families affected by Kleine-Levin Syndrome

KLS Wallet Card

image of medical cards

KLS Support UK have produced a card which can be printed off, filled in and carried in a wallet/purse. Many of those suffering from KLS, especially youngsters, are reluctant to be 'labelled' with an illness and do not want to wear medical jewellery. With this simple form all the relevant details can be kept safely on them at all times. Because KLS affects young people in particular their behaviour in an episode could possibly be mistaken for alcohol/substance abuse so there is a section for the patient to fill in with any symptoms they feel relevant in their case. The card stresses that behaviour returns to normal after the episode is over.

Medical cards to print and fill in are available here.

Please view and print this through your browser then there will be 4 images on each sheet of A4 ready for you print (as shown below). After printing these can be filled in, cut and folded to fit into wallets etc.

Please contact us if you have problems, we will endeavour to supply printed ones on request.