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KLS Video Links

Beth Goodier and her mother from England on BBC Inside Out North West, 20 October 2014.

Please use the link (copy and paste into your browser) until the video problem is resolved, thank you.

Thank you Sally Williams, BBC Inside Out North West for allowing KLS Support UK to use the video.

Nicole Delien (USA), on Today, 20 Nov 2012, (then aged 17).

The video has been removed.

Real-life teen 'Sleeping Beauty' sleeps 19 hours a day

Kaitlyn Terrana and her mother from Canada give an excellent account of KLS. 18 October 2012.

The Inside Story: Hamilton teen sleeping her life away.

The KLS FOUNDATION (Kleine Levin Syndrome Foundation) have various videos about KLS.

Strange Brain, with Alanna Wong, is particularly good and can be viewed here.

Louisa Ball (UK) in BBC News Magazine.

This includes a short version of the BBC film. The full version is protected by BBC copyright.

The teenager who sleeps for weeks

Lois Woods (not yet diagnosed), (UK), 27 February 2013 in the Mail,

includes a video. Link

And on Anglia TV, 1 March 2013. Link

KLS Audio Links

Beth Goodier with her mum Janine with Sam Walker on BBC Radio Manchester.

Living with 'Sleeping Beauty Syndrome'.

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