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KLS Support UK Facebook Contact Group

There is a lot of activity on Facebook amongst KLS families. We have a KLS Support UK Facebook Group for those who wish to be introduced into the KLS Facebook community. Please fill in our Contact Us form before you request to join our Facebook group please so that we know a little about you. To protect the privacy of existing members some groups are only accessed by invitation so we will need to get to know new members before we are able to add them into the other groups.

KLS Support UK is targeted at UK sufferers and their families since we are such a small group dealing with inquiries. We appreciate that there are few groups worldwide specialising in KLS so will endeavour to help where possible.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Journalists please fill in the Contact Us section of this website so that we can help and respect the confidentiality of those who have/have loved ones with KLS or suspected KLS in the Facebook groups. Thank you for your cooperation.

By clicking on the Facebook logo at the top of the page you will find our KLS Support UK Information page.
Please make contact using KLS Support UK's Contact Us form. Thank you.